You can help make this referendum more transparent in two main ways:

  1. Install the “WhoTargetsMe” plugin
  2. Share screenshots of the ads you see with the hashtag #tref


We have partnered with WhoTargetsMe to use their browser plugin for this referendum.

Click here to visit their website and click “Install”. You will be asked to accept the plugin and answer a few optional questions about your age, gender and location.

Any time you get shown an ad on Facebook, the WhoTargetsMe plugin will record the details and save it in their database. (You can read their full Privacy Policy here).

They share information about these ads with us and we then identify the political ads and make them available in our public database.



If you’re not on a desktop and can’t install the plugin, the next best way to help is to screenshot any ads you see share them with us on Twitter or Facebook. These won’t appear as fully verified ads into our main database, but they help us understand what is happening in mobile ads, and to check if the plugin is capturing all ads.

If you see any political ad which aims to convince Irish people how to vote in the upcoming referendum, take a screenshot of both the ad and the “why am I seeing this ad?” page, and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #TREF, or send it by Twitter DM or Messenger to our Facebook Page.